Identity Role Examples

Active Students
students who are enrolled and attending in learning activities at system institutions
non-personnel who are either former students, graduates or former employees (in good standing) who may be granted some limited access to information resources
personnel who act as instructors or assistants to instructors at system institutions
Financial Staff
personnel whose work role is to perform financial activities, such as accounting, bursar, budgeting, procurement, invoicing and disbursement activities
non-personnel who may or may not be affiliated with system institutions who have temporary and limited access to system information resources
Healthcare Professional
personnel who have access to HIPAA-related information in accordance with health-related work or research activities
this role is a sub-role that is usually combined with other roles which further define related attributes and is not a healthcare professional but has access to HIPAA-related information
Human Resources
personnel whose work activities include the ability to view or update personnel records, coordinate performance reviews, perform compensation management and view or manage HIPAA-related or insurance-related information related to personnel
Inactive Students
students who are not enrolled and are not attending in learning activities at a system institution
IT Security
personnel who perform cybersecurity activities for system institutions
IT Staff
information technology professionals and help desk or technical support staff who operate or support IT infrastructure or applications; this also includes programming and database activities
Law Enforcement
personnel who are a part of the system’s university police departments
Partner (Research)
non-personnel who are affiliated with system institutions or activities but are not employees; they may be granted specific but limited access to system-related information resources and must be closely monitored
Physical Security
personnel whose work activities include the physical protection and monitoring of system facilities
Research Professional
personnel who work in officially sanctioned and recognized system research activities
personnel who participate in general administrative duties at system institutions
Student Workers
students who are enrolled and attending learning activities and are also performing officially recognized and sanctioned work activities on behalf of a system institution
Vendor/Service Provider
non-personnel who perform some service to system institutions that require access to specific and limited information resources for specified activities; their activities must be closely monitored
Visiting Professor
a person who is employed as a professor or instructor at another university institution that has been officially invited by the system to act as a professor and participate in teaching activities for some defined time; the visiting professor may be granted specific but limited access to system-related information resources and must be closely monitored
Visiting Research Professional
personnel who are not system employees, faculty or researchers, but who have an official system research sponsor who is either doing direct or assistive work with system research